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Our vision

Education For All.

Lingual Lab is a 501(c)(3) organization centered on bridging the gap in education and promoting bilingualism in youth.

What Our Program Offers

Free and virtual classes

Learn a new language through quality and cost-free classes! Interact with classmates from all over the world!

Fun, interactive curriculum

Learn through Kahoot, Youtube, and Jeopardy, as well as lectures and demonstrations

Qualified and experienced teachers

Our teachers come from accredited universities all over the U.S.

600 Hours

33 States, 11 Countries

440 Students

Hours instructed by high school and university mentors

Families from 33 states and 11 countries reached by our efforts

Students registered with Lingual Lab


My kids learned more in 4 weeks than they had all year in other classes. The games and interaction were really fun for them.

I have been telling everyone about your program and how much my son has enjoyed it. He has learned so much this past month. Thank you for the resource!

Allison was amazing, and my normally uninterested kid was doing homework without complaint for the first time ever! We are so excited for the next session!

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