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Shadow Officer Application

Why Apply?

By taking on the significant responsibilities of working with an international 501(c)(3), shadow officers will gain organizational and leadership experience that will be necessary when applying to club leadership positions, internships, and colleges.

From the start, shadow officers will be closely trained by senior Lingual Lab directors to learn how to manage our Lingual Lab Program, including how to conduct outreach to universities, oversee development of class curriculum, manage behind-the-scene logistics, and communicate with parents and students.

Position Descriptions

​Communications Shadow Officer Position Description​

Hours per week: 3

➣ Contact universities, professors, and clubs to recruit Lingual Lab teachers
➣ Advertising classes on Facebook and other social media sites
➣ Design digital flyers
➣ Design social media posts and ads
➣ Designing weekly summary emails for parents DURING active sessions
➣ Designing update emails for parents IN BETWEEN sessions

➣ Possibility of promotion to marketing committee and/or Chief of Marketing

Logistics Shadow Officer Position Description

Hours per week: 5

➣ Work alongside current Program Directors to plan and execute program
➣ Stay in close contact with teachers and oversee their progress in curriculum creation (homework, itineraries, etc.)
➣ Respond to parent emails and inquiries 
➣ Work alongside current Program Directors to manage (1) 5-month program schedule, (2) student sign-ups, (3) weekly teacher meetings, and (4) class schedules


➣ Possibility of promotion to program committee and/or Program Director

Session Dates

Sessions will take place over the course of July, and August of 2022. Shadow officers will be selected during the month of April and trained from April to September.

The written application is due by March 20th, 2022.

Application Process

Stage 1: Written Application

The first step is completing the written application and uploading a school transcript. There are five written questions.

Stage 2: Virtual Interview

The second step is a virtual interview with the Lingual Lab program directors. After your application has been submitted, the directors will contact you to set up a meeting time. 

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